Saturday, April 16, 2016

Three-point plan for a better world.

It won't fix everything, but I think it would help.

Here it is, my long awaited three-point plan to improve the world.

Point One:
If you want to be a leader, you should work hard to be worthy of a leadership role. You, not a welfare recipient, should be held to a higher standard. Therefore, I propose that all elected officials be subject to a new law stating that they will be immediately removed from office for a felony conviction. If you think there are too many laws punishable as a felony, get rid of them. If you are a felon, you don't get to hold office. And, if you are found in breach of public trust (you misused public funds for personal gain, if you are fraudulent in your dealings as a government representative, if you knowingly lie to the public for personal or political gain, you are charged with a felony. Any conviction for a felony committed while in office is subject to a mandatory minimum three year sentence in the maximum security federal penitentiary nearest to their home of record. You are elected as a leader, act like one.

Point Two:
When you agree to a position as a government regulator of a business or industry, you agree to never work for that industry after your employment as a regulator of same. If you were a member of the industry being regulated, you are prohibited from occupying a position as a regulator of that industry. I understand that the use of industry people aids in understanding of the industry and aids in regulation. The point of a regulator isn't to make the industry easier, it is to protect the public interest.

Point Three:
The amount of inheritance allowable to any individual will be set to a maximum of fifty years worth of the minimum wage at a forty-hour work week. With great wealth comes increased political power. If you are unable to increase your own wealth and influence with a fifty year head start, you probably are not suited to exert that influence. If you can't win the hundred yard dash with a fifty yard head start, you don't get to go to the Olympics. If you want to increase the allowable inheritance, increase the minimum wage. Otherwise, donate the money to your favorite charitable organization.

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